21 February, 2013 09:11

Happy Happy Hummu…. By Karena


21 February, 2013 09:08

This piece ….. Also part of the Oceanside Oasis series currently resides in the gallery until it makes it’s way to it’s new home with it’s new owner in the near future!

21 February, 2013 09:06

This piece is now in display in the gallery at Smashin’ Glass& Anything Art Co. Part of the OceanSide Oasis series.


21 February, 2013 08:59

How many times have you hesitated for fear of walking through the door of uncertainty? We all do it. Dig deep and find that unwavering faith you had in yourself when you were a child….. Anything was possible then….anything is possible now!


February 20,2013…. Day one of my process of learning to build a blog site. Bear with me as i am a pencil and paper girl ( and glass of course ) and this techy thing is a big learning curve for me! Wish me best of luck and peek in now and then to see how I am doing! *smiles* Karena



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